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What if We Could Make Electronics From Mushrooms? | Mashable

From wearable gizmos to battery separators, the future of sustainable technology is beginning to resemble a mushroom. A team of researchers from the Institute of Experimental Physics in Linz have actually finished a proof-of-concept study, testing whether mycelium skin can replace plastic in the production of soft electronic devices. The scientists used refined skin from the mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum– a saprophytic fungi native to some parts of Europe and also China that grows naturally on dead hardwood.

This works by laying digital components on the fungal skin with a process called physical vapor deposition, utilized to produce thin products. The resulting digital circuit has high thermal stability and also can stand up to thousands of bending cycles. The scientists claim that incorporating traditional electronic devices with the eco-friendly material might help in reducing waste in the manufacturing of wearable electronics as well as lasting battery separators, to name a few uses.

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