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{775} LCD TV Power Supply No Power ON, Not Turning ON

in this video number {775} i demonstrated how to repair LCD TV Power Supply No Power ON, SMPS Is Not Working || SMPS Not Turning ON. this power supply board AY250P-4HF01 or AY250P-4HF02 or 3BS0028914, SUNNY TV, SN040LI181-T1FM MODEL LCD TV 40″ POWER BOARD, for model, SUNNY SN040LI181-T1FM, SUNNY , AXEN , WOON, ZD-95(G)F , AXEN LCD power board, Tablero de energía del LCD AY250P-4HF01 3BS0028914

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00:00 AY250P-4HF01, 3BS0028914 LCD power Supply board not powering on
00:36 how to power up power supply circuit for bench test
01:40 how to troubleshoot lcd tv power supply circuit

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