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Stroller Power – Potentially Genius™ | Digi – Key Electronics

In this episode, Tomorrow Lab collaborates with Grace Mahary who is a model, sommelier, and Director of Project Tsehigh which is a clean and sustainable energy solution provider. Grace is also a new mom and came to the team with an idea for a stroller that could generate electricity kinetically, or with solar, to power devices while out on the run.

The team from Tomorrow Lab gets to work to turn this into a potentially genius design by generating multiple sketches, schematics, and prototypes that leverage Digi-Key’s massive electronic component selection.

Product Links:
Powertraveller USB Power Bank:
SparkFun USB Power Bank:
SparkFun Stepper Motor:
Adafruit 8-Way Rotary Switch:
Adafruit Red Aluminum Knob:

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