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{782} 12 Volt SMPS Have Only 3 Volt Output, Low Output

12 Volt SMPS Power Supply Have Only 3 Volt Output.

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exactly how to fixed button setting power supply SMPS action by action when OutPut Voltage Low
Exactly How To Repair Switch Mode Power Supply when the outcome voltage are less than the ranked voltage and also it is giving uncontrolled voltage
Just How To Repair Switch Mode Power Supply SMPS, When it have reduced OutPut Voltage
just how to repair tl494 fifty percent bridge geography power supply circuit,
functional repair work of 12 volt 20 amp button setting power supply SMPS.
after seeing this video you can capable to:-.
how to fix smps.
if SMPS have low output or outcome voltage unregulated.
exactly how to fix computer system power supply.
exactly how to repair laptop battery charger.
#smps #low #output.

i shared really simple & detailed useful fixing/ circuit tracing and also mistake searching for strategies to locate the faults in any changing mode power supply.
just how to fix smps (button/ changing setting power supply), either it is commercial power supply, laptop battery charger, adapter, computer atx power supply, web server power supply, mobile charger, battery charger, inverter welding machine, led/ lcd television power supply, power supply of dth/ digital satellite receiver,.
exactly how to repair smps (button/ switching over mode power supplies) in really simple action by step fixing as well as practical troubleshooting & circuit mapping tutorial.
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00:00 12 volt smps power supply is giving low output voltage.
00:30 how to use power to a circuit for testing (DUT/ UUT).
00:49 just how to repair/ fixing smps power supply.
04:47 damaged/ cracked TL494 ic.
05:07 just how to examine TL494 power supply circuit.

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