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Blind Test // 90s Detroit Techno – Episode 25 (Electronic Beats TV)

Marking a turning point twenty 5 episodes of the much loved Electronic Beats Blind Test series, we explore the iconic audio of 90’s Detroit Techno and put our all celebrity cast to the test with a choice of records from the archetypal Techno period.
Tipping up is Superfreq head honcho Mr. C, founder of one of London’s most adored Techno clubs of the 90’s, the End. Rotterdam duo Black Cadmium also join the trip as well as long time UK Techno stalwart Kirk Degiorgio as well as last yet not the very least, Berlin based Tresor Resident MadAlba.

Please keep in mind that this video is not recorded in real time. It’s modified to develop some stress so that you before the display can think as well. It doesn’t state anything about exactly how quick the individuals identified the track etc

. All contestants get one point for both musician and title appropriate, but only half a point if they can just presume the title or the artist.

00:00 Intro
00:18 Round 1
01:37 Round 2
03:26 Round 3
05:16 Round 4
06:49 Round 5
07:58 Round 6
09:19 Round 7
10:57 Round 8
12:07 Round 9
13:29 Round 10
14:54 Score

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