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What’s New in Fusion 360 Electronics – November 2022 | Autodesk Fusion 360

In this latest Fusion 360, we are incredibly excited to announce the first extension for our Fusion 360 electronics users. The Fusion 360 Signal Integrity extension is powered by, Ansys, the ultimate authority in all thing’s simulation. The new SI Extension provides insightful information for your high-speed transmission lines. You will now have impedance, time delay, inductance, capacitance, and more valuable details for your high-speed traces. Quickly and visually identify any potential impedance issues with a superimposed color-coded overlay on your 2D PCB design or use the tabular form of the solver’s results that you can export for further analysis.

Aligned with the new extension, we now added means to our renamed unroute command to eliminate unfinished or incomplete traces and improve your design experience by adding moving assets using the Arrows Keys. Many more improvements will help you design better, faster with a better design experience. If you have question please visit our forums:


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