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Electronic Audio Experiments Citadel | Secret Weapons Demo & Review

Look, I am becoming increasingly convinced that EAE does not miss. Basically every drive circuit I have played in their catalogue has been phenomenal and a benchmark for that style of drive. The Citadel continues that streak in the vein of plexi-style preamp pedals. This drive is based on the ModelFET but modified to focus of midrange and sparkle. The result is equal parts articulate and brutal with the ability to bend your amp to its will or to accentuate drives that come before it in phenomenal ways. I think it’s best if we just hear it.

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Guitars used:
Jennings Navigator
Balaguer Ambient Select Espada
Jennings Short Scale Prototype

Signal Path:
Bondi 2026
Benson Boost
Origin M-EQ
EAE Citadel
CBA Gen Loss
Strymon Timeline
Strymon Bigsky
UA Ruby 63

00:00 Intro Song
02:11 Review
05:38 Sound Samples

Recorded in Universal Audio LUNA

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