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Fusion 360 Electronics for Beginners: The Schematic | Autodesk Fusion 360

The goal of this Autodesk Fusion 360 Electronics tutorial series is to take the brand-new Fusion 360 Electronics customer through their initial job, step by action, from beginning to end. This collection is for you if you are new to Fusion 360 Electronics.

Episode 2: The Schematic

In this episode, we cover the basics of schematic capture, positioning components utilizing the Place parts panel, as well as attaching them using the Net command. We additionally cover some added devices as well as features inside the schematic editor of Fusion 360 Electronics.

1:05 Making sure collection is in usage, Library Manager review
2:52 Place parts panel
3:40 Insert elements
7:51 Place parts into placement
9:12 Start attaching components with webs
18:48 Assign worths to components

If possible, 20:45 Separate layout into areas
28:40 Persistent Groups
31:00 Add titles
35:55 How to generate a BOM from the schematic
37:18 Selection Filter
39:20 Recap

For those that want to adhere to along …
Download the Fusion 360 Electronics design data:
Download and install the Fusion 360 Electronics collections:


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