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Creators: Hainbach (Electronic Beats TV)

Electronics Beats offers up a new addition to its ‘Creators’ series here and this time puts the focus on Germany’s @Hainbach.

His YouTube channel has now garnered an impressive 160,000+ followers and has seen the creator offer up a wide array of video content sharing his vision of ambient and experimental musical production, mostly with lesser known musical creation tools like test equipment, magnetic tape and esoteric synthesisers. As well as his YouTube channel Hainbach has also released music on many beloved record labels like Opal Tapes and Seil Records, scored theatrical plays, showcased sound installations at galleries, and even created several virtual instruments, plug ins and an app in collaboration with sonicLAB.

His works were once described by THE WIRE magazine as ‘one hell of a trip’ and here we took the opportunity to bring Hainbach further into the limelight with our own glance behind the scenes of this much loved channel and the multitalented creator behind it.

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