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Inside: Matter Of Fact – Vinyl Manufaktur (Electronic Beats TV)

The latest addition to our Inside series shines a light on the vinyl manufacturing company Matter Of Fact, operating out of Güstrow, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, a structurally weak area of Germany close to Rostock and the Baltic Sea.
The crew behind the company are self professed vinyl lovers and have been involved in the electronic music scene for more than 25 years.
Since its inception Matter Of Fact has been working with an array of small independent labels and catering to a much needed desire for a manufacturer not operating with major labels and pressing large quantities of vinyl, rather focusing on high quality pressing, a carbon neutral approach to shipping, FSC-certified sleeves and the cultural significance of vinyl records as rare works of art in the modern age.
Here we take a glimpse at their HQ, the modern technologies they’ve implemented into the production process and how the company all came together.

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