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Create the Perfect Electronics Enclosure with Altium and SolidWorks

Join industry expert consultant Mark Harris as he takes you on an epic adventure in enclosure design. In this video, Mark will be using SolidWorks and Altium’s MCAD CoDesigner to design a custom enclosure for his electronics project – a general-purpose control panel.

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Altium’s MCAD CoDesigner
02:11 Control Panel Project
02:45 The ECAD-MCAD Divide
03:50 Getting started with SolidWorks
04:10 Pulling the boards into SolidWorks
04:33 Designing the Enclosure
06:08 Creating Cutouts
06:42 Standoffs
08:21 3D Printing the Enclosure
09:16 Try it yourself
10:48 Conclusion

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