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How I got into ELECTRONIC MUSIC (Part 1)

NOTE! This video was very first released on Patreon in November 2022. It has been cut a little for YouTube yet it also includes a large piece of freshly-shot b-roll and (I believe) a much better colour quality.

This video clip is given you by Patreon:

Camera: John Darko
Editor: John Darko

Track IDs? Playlists of all songs heard in this video – and also other video clips – can be discovered on PATREON:

As seen in this video clip …

VA – Artificial Intelligence
(United States)

Orbital – Lush 3

The Orb – U.F. Orb
(United States)

The Orb – Blue Room

VA – The Positiva Ambient Collection
(United States)

#ambient #ambientmusic #electronica

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