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Courier Commons – Potentially Genius® | Digi – Key Electronics

In this episode, Tomorrow Lab collaborates with Futurist and Science Fiction Author, Karl Schroeder. Karl writes about alternate futures and inventive products that fit in to those futures, incorporating technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, GPS location, and Internet of Things connectivity (IoT). Pulling from Karl’s writing, he came to the team with an idea about gamifying the trips that people take day-to-day, and rewarding them for transporting a box for someone else along the way.

The team from Tomorrow Lab gets to work to turn this into a potentially genius design by generating multiple sketches, schematics, and prototypes that leverage Digi-Key’s massive electronic component selection.

Product Links:
Rotating Door Lock DC Motor:

Arduino Nano 33 IOT:

Boost Converter:

LIPO Charger Plus:

Micro Servo:

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