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Vampire Killer = TESLA COILS

The loud music really originates from the tesla coil sparks. It’s literally playing the songs due to the set stage, pulse width and also firing regularity! So, there are no speakers, no audio/ video unique effects. It looks also better personally and appears nearly the exact same, just louder than individuals anticipate!

I hope you all appreciate this version I helped musical tesla coils!

Special thanks to all my clients:
– DankPods.
– Katrina Ruff.
– Justin Taylor.
– FlawCra.
– Bexin.
– Michael Aymond.
– Derrick Hill.
– Peter Brown.
– a person.
– Alvaro Ayala.
– Bojan Dolić.
– Quentin Vasseur.
– Jackson Holle.
– Logan Rosenmayer.
– Henry Grindon.
– Robert Moran.
– Julian Spies.
– Jürgen.
– Cubic Ego.
– Jonathan Ruppel.
– Maximus_266.
– Śããd Śhábįr.
– Colin Clark.
– Paul Townley.
– Rose Abel.
– Juan José Melguizo Ramírez.
– Frank Horvath.
– Magyari Zoltán.
– Jan Pijpers.
– Simon Spies.
– Cristian Foxy Tejada.

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Video camera: Full spectrum Lumix LX100;.
Audio Recorder: Zoom H1n.

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