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How I got into ELECTRONIC MUSIC: The KLF, FSOL, Moby, PWOG, Suzuki K1

🗣️ NOTE! This video was first published on Patreon in December 2022. It has been trimmed a little for YouTube but it also features a sizeable chunk of freshly-shot b-roll.

This video is brought to you by Patreon:

🎥 Camera: John Darko
🎬 Editor: John Darko
🕺🏻 Motion GFX: John Darko

📺 Part 1 can be watched here:

📺 Part 2 can be watched here:

The KLF – Chill Out

Suzuki K1 – Satellite Serenade–75cc-Satellite-Serenade

The Future Sound of London – Cascade E.P.

Psychick Warriors ov Gaia – Obsidian (Organically Decomposed)

Moby – Underwater I-V (Everything Is Wrong Bonus Disc)

#ambient #techno #electronica

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