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sE Electronics DynaCaster Dynamic Microphone Demo

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The easiest way to get a great-sounding recording is to get it right at the source โ€” thatโ€˜s where the sE Electronics DynaCaster comes in. This studio-worthy dynamic microphone offers the outstanding sound quality that sEโ€˜s V Series is known for while upping the ante with an in-line Dynamite-style active preamp. You also get a 3-layer pop filter to safeguard against distracting plosives, plus tone-shaping switches for dialing in your preferred sonic character. While itโ€˜s tailor-made for vocals, the DynaCaster sounds just as great on guitar cabs and drums. With the DynaCaster and your audio interface, youโ€˜ll be able to achieve the sound you hear in your head right from the get-go.

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0:00 โ€“ Intro
0:44 โ€“ Overview
1:57 โ€“ Tone-shaping Options
2:25 โ€“ Tone-shaping Demo
3:40 โ€“ The Wrap-up

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