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My Favorite Tools for Arduino/Electronics

I reveal my changed tool kit with my most made use of tools for do it yourself electronics, arduino tasks and also 3D printing. Sponsored by PCBWay – Full attribute customized PCB model solution:

Devices featured on this video clip (by classification):.
– Cordless soldering iron:
– Soldering cable:
– Soldering wire instance:
– Desoldering wick:
– Flux pen:
– Scratch brush:
– Extra-thin scrape brush:

– Self-adjusting wire pole dancer:
– Wire pole dancer 22-30 AWG:
– Multimeter:
– Crimping device:
– 3mm warmth reduce tubes:
– 4mm heat reduce tubes:

– Screwdriver collection:
– Precision screwdriver collection:
– Stubby screwdriver:
– Low profile screwdriver:
– Folding allen keys (metric):
– Folding allen keys (inches):

– Insulated pliers/cutters 3-piece set:
– Miniature long-nose pliers:
– Ultra thin needle-nose pliers:
– Locking pliers:
– Cobra pliers:

– Cutter:
– Small flush cutter:
– Utility knife:
– Cable cutter:
– Deburring device:
– Scissors:
– Mini scissors:
– X-acto knife:
– Spare blades for X-acto blade:
– Finger-tip blade:

– Tape measure:
– Soft measuring tape:
– Ruler:
– Caliper:
– Mini bar:

– Double sided tape:
– Electrical tape:
– Rubber splicing tape:
– Transparent tape:

– Safety glasses:
– Telescoping magnetic pick-up tool:
– Flashlight:
– Sharpie:
– Big data:
– Needle file collection:
– Long tweezers:
– Precision tweezers: and
– Chip extractor:
– Brushes:
– Super adhesive:
– Super adhesive accelerator:
– Putty blade:
– 6-inch zip connections:
– Hook as well as pick set:
– Plastic pry device:
– Paint can opener:
– Razor-blade scraper:
– Mini-microscope:

Products to construct the tool box:.
– The device box I pick:
– Plywood to utilize as separators. I suggest locating any scrap product that you can make use of for this, yet below’s a concept of what you require:
– Loctite Heavy Duty Epoxy Quick Set:
– Loctite Super Glue Gel:

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