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3 Simple Inventions with Electronics – Utsource

Get digital element from utsource:
IC chip:
find chips:
Sensing units:

Task – 1.
In this video clip i will certainly be making a 12v to 70v dc to dc action – up boost converter using Mosfet for operating my high power dc electric motors and also global motors upto 1KW.
Job – 2.
Rechargeable Temperature Measurement Device.
Task – 3.
Air Conditioning System for Battery Charger.
Project – 4.
Rechargeable Electric Bell.
Project – 6.
In this video I am making a powerful 12 volt battery charger utilizing a couple of thrown out and also harmed mobile costs. This approach involves the link of mobile battery charger circuits together in collection for increasing their voltage as well as keeping the very same present. the charger I have actually made in this video can charging 12v 100 Ah batteries to a max of upto 14.8 volts DC with no concerns. Although you can also utilize this as a 12 volts power supply for running your DC Motors or your various other 12 volts bulbs and home appliances.

Wire Cutter –
Wire Stripper –
Secure Meter –
My MUSTOOL X1 Clamp Meter:
MUSTOOL Multimeter Oscilloscope:
My Dremel right here:
My Adjustable Power Supply:
My Cordless Hammer drill + screw vehicle driver:
20% OFF Coupon Code for Hammer drill:: BG7322.
My Stainless steel digital Vernier caliper:
My Bench Drill Press:
Milling Machine:
Warmth Shrink Tube:
Warm Shrink Tube:
UNI-Tachometer UT373 :
BLDC controller:

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