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3 Simple Inventions with Electronics – Utsource

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Project – 1
In this video i will be making a 12v to 70v dc to dc step – up boost converter using Mosfet for operating my high power dc motors and universal motors upto 1KW.
Project – 2
Rechargeable Temperature Measurement Device.
Project – 3
Cooling System for Battery Charger.
Project – 4
Rechargeable Electric Bell.
Project – 6
In this video I am making a powerful 12 volt battery charger using a few discarded and damaged mobile charges. This method involves the connection of mobile charger circuits together in series for increasing their voltage and keeping the same current. the charger I have made in this video is capable of charging 12v 100 Ah batteries to a max of upto 14.8 volts DC without any issues. Although you can also use this as a 12 volts power supply for running your DC Motors or your other 12 volts bulbs and appliances.

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Heat Shrink Tube :
Heat Shrink Tube:
UNI-Tachometer UT373:
BLDC controller :

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