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The Demise Of LG – How An Electronics Juggernaut Was Overthrown

We all know LG as the appliance and TV company and there’s no doubt that they make great appliances and TVs. But, this success didn’t quite carry over to their smartphone lineup as LG was forced to exit the smartphone space completely in early 2021. At first, you may be inclined to think that this failure might’ve been caused by a late entry or a lack of innovation, but neither of these assumptions is true. In fact, LG was the first company in the world to produce a capacitive touchscreen phone even before Apple. Also, they were constantly experimenting with odd tech like modular smartphones, dual-screen smartphones, and swivel smartphones. The real reason behind LG’s downfall is a lack of strong marketing and branding. They basically approached smartphones like they would approach a dishwasher or dryer. Aside from poor branding, LG’s constant experimentation made them known as the manufacturer with the gimmicks which ended up doing more harm than good. And near the end, LG got so focused on trying to garner more sales that they stopped supporting their existing customer base which put the nail in their coffin. This video explains the top reasons for LG’s downfall within the smartphone space and what happened to LG smartphones.

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0:00 – Smartphone Shutdown
2:36 – Non-Existent Marketing
5:34 – Gimmicks
8:40 – Getting Desperate
11:23 – The State Of LG


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