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Buy Expensive Electronics For Cheap !

You just love Apple iPad. A music buff in you 🎶 can spend even the last rupee you have in your pocket to get That Bose music system.

But aaah! They are still out of budget. We feel like a small boy who passes by a candy shop 🍨 everyday but can’t have one ice-cream.

Not anymore! Your man has a hack for this too! 💪

Do you know what happens to the display pieces that you see at big electronic stores? All those smart TVs that fill the entire wall of the shop? Or that sexy 16” MacBook Pro on display?

Yes, you can get those at 20-30% discount! Don’t believe me? try next time you wanna buy some high end electronic item like laptop, smartwatch, DSLR camera 📸 or even a trendy mobile phone.

You may have to put up with a battery performance that is somewhat reduced. Also, warranty period may be lesser than usual. But those are adjustable things IMHO if I am getting a 30% discount. 🙆‍♂️ What say?

Caveat: You can only do this when the new models are out. For example for Apple you can go during April and September to ask for display pieces of the previous models.

Comment down below, and let me know! 👇

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