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Tips and Tricks for Travel: What Do I Take With Me (electronics)?

Sometimes even the biggest nerd has to leave his habitat. For holidays, for a business trip, or to fix some issues for family or friends.
Today I will show you what I usually take with me and why. Maybe it helps to create or adapt your packing list. And I am pretty sure you will find some tips and tricks for your situation, too.

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Development board:
Silicone Dupont Wires: or
Empty Shells: or
Breadboard (standard quality): or
Power supply: or
Variable Power Supply: or
Power Poles: (I use 30A): or
Power pole crimper: or
XT60 connectors:
PD Power Brick: or or
PD Power Bank: or
Fixed Voltage PD adapter: or
Variable voltage PD adapter: or
Silicone cable for extensions:
Microsoft Surface PD adapter:
Aneng AN8203: or
BSIDE A10: or
UT210E: or
LiteVNA 4″: or
DS213 (new DS203): or
FNIRSI Tablet Oscilloscope: or
Special Swiss Army Knife:
Screwdriver Set:
Tweezers: or
Small Cutters:
Soldering Iron TS-101: or
Aluminum Syringe Pusher:

Suggested by viewers:
PD cables:
Leatherman tool:
Electrical tape (I like this one):
Simple Logic Analyzer:
Magnifying glasses
Transistor tester:
USB Tester:
Head Lamp
Tie Wraps
Pinecil Soldering Iron:

Advanced IP Scanner:
Power tool battery video:

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