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Your First Arduino Project – Electronics with Becky Stern | Digi-Key Electronics

Once you’re comfortable using and modifying built-in examples, the next step in your Arduino journey is to make a working prototype of your own idea. In this video, Becky Stern walks through her process for designing and building an original project using Arduino.

0:00 Intro
0:31 Write out project’s purpose
0:51 List inputs and outputs
1:25 Write pseudocode
1:59 Test components with sample code
4:09 Create a sketch for your project
6:07 Outro

Electronics with Becky Stern playlist:–Kt

Product Links:
Arduino Uno:
Solderless breadboard:
Jumper wires:
Micro servo motor
Servo motor extension wire
Momentary switch
DS3231 Realtime clock module (RTC)
Seeed Xiao RP2040 microcontroller

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