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My Ice Fishing Set-Up (Snowmobile/Trailer/Electronics)

Here’s my gear I’ve been using this past ice fishing season! Hope you enjoy the walkthrough and my bait mission! Thanks for following along!

Rainbow Trailers:
Snowmobile Box/Bucket Carrier/Auger Carrier:
My Snowmobile (2015 ArcticCat Bearcat):
Jigging Spoon (Frostbite Tungsten Dinner Bell):
Summit CNC Livescope Shuttle: (Back In Stock Jan 10, 2023)
Summit Pole:
Summit Bag:
Garmin LVS-34 Transducer:
Garmin GPS Map 8610:
Dakota Lithium 23AH (Battery):
Rod (Frostbite Drench):
Reel (Frostbite Diesel):
West Coast Auto & RV (Instagram):
Team Foui Automotive (Instagram):
Suit (Eskimo Superior Suit):
Shack Flip Over (Eskimo Eskape 2600):
Shack Pop-Up (Eskimo 650 XD):
Ion Alpha Auger:
Aqua-Vu HD7i Pro:


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