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【For Beginner】How to start electronics and what item is needed

We introduce how to start electronic work and what you need to those who want to start electronic work or who are new to electronic work. In the latter half of the video, we introduce what you should have and full-scale measuring instruments.
(I forgot I needed a computer to program the arduino)

★ Equipment used (including amazon associate link)
・ Breadboard (Sunhayato products are recommended)
・ Jump wire (single wire is recommended)
・ Multimeter
・ 5V AC adapter… or
・ AC adapter conversion jack… or
・ Arduino uno (genuine product)
・ Arduino nano (genuine product)
・ Arduino nano (compatible product)
・ USB miniB is required for connection between Arduino nano and PC
・ USB miniB
・ Electronic work starter kit
・ Books related to arduino

↓ ↓ ↓ If you have the following items, it is useful
・ NC Box # 11
・ Parts box…
・ Belt parts box… or
・ Parts cabinet
・ Soldering iron (recommended)
・ Kote stand
・ Chip Reflector
・ Solder (goot or Senju Metal Industry is recommended)
・ Solder blotter
・ Universal board… or
・ Tin plated wire…
・ Scientific calculator (recommended)
・ Scientific calculator I use
・ Power RSPRO…
・ Oscilloscope
・ Function generator

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★ Playlist
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