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Here’s What Happens When a Carpenter does Electronics

The exterior of the case is made from solid maple as well as the leading panel is 1/8″ thick light weight aluminum painted black. I finished the wood with three layers of waterbased polyurethane.
I love the straightforward, tidy lines and the raw contrast between the repainted black components and the cozy all-natural wood and also amber radiance from the meters.
The project makes use of an LM4780 double channel chip amp that can put out around 50 watts rms right into 8 ohm speakers. Not incredibly powerful, yet the speakers I built this for don’t need a lot of power.
I designed and made the PCB for the chip amp, however wound up remodeling the style and also making a new motherboard when I made a lot of mistakes on the very first one. All part of the fun!
Inside the amp instance is an additional circuit board that has an active filter that cuts out the bass. The amp is more than with the ability of complete variety result, however I do not want any type of radio frequencies going to the tiny audio speakers as well as the active filter does that.
I built this amp for these speakers:
NOTE: The chip amp I used for this is outdated currently, yet I have a few from when I was much deeper right into electronics 15 years earlier.

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