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The GODFATHER from Enjoy Electronics

4 track mixer, with hold-ups, compression, filters, LFOs, reverb all created in a really attractive little plan. The Godfather from Enjoy Electronics fits the Moog Studio shelf and matches the Mother32, DFAM and also Subharmonicon flawlessly.

In this I build a track from a straightforward arpeggio using all the highlights item by item, which must provide a good overall impact of exactly how all of it works, and what it all does.

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0:00 What is it?
2:50 Let’s GO !! – the main delay
5:19 DPD
7:00 Channel Filter
7:41 Reverb
8:38 Pan
9:15 Compressor
11:48 LFOs
16:16 Trigger Modes
19:07 Playing with the track
21:16 the last point

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