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Programming Instructions For GAMA Electronics RF Remote Control Systems

Programming instructions for GAMA Electronics, Inc RF Remote Control Systems

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Stretchy electronics go wireless

Versatile electronics use a great deal of prospective advantages to the style of wearable innovation, yet previous fundamentally stretchable semiconductors haven’t been able to meet the rigorous demands for the high-frequency operation required for several helpful applications.

Now a group of researchers have developed a brand-new polymer diode that is stretchable and also operates at high sufficient regularity to open cordless procedure and power.

Check out the paper

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54 Year Old Electronics Project Book

friend of the channel, “Uncle Rob”, purveyor of Uncle Rob’s Magic Flux sent me this copy of a 54 year old transistor project book. I love it! Books were well written then. Each of the 49 projects has a description of the circuit, a schematic, and a bill of materials. You don’t get that from Shenzhen! Get 5 boards in about a week for $22!

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How to buy Electronics in 2022

My tips on how to select and find electronics during this chip shortage!
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Consumer Electronics Show 2022: The top tech heading our way | A Current Affair

Subscribe here: | Technology has become a very big part of our lives and the world’s new tech Mecca is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In this case what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas – it ends up in our homes. Nine tech guru Trevor Long spent the week at CES Las Vegas to find out the top tech heading our way. (Broadcast January 8, 2022)

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A Current Affair covers the realms of politics, crime, human rights, science, technology, celebrities and entertainment – all investigated by a dedicated team. A Current Affairs airs weeknights 7.00pm on Channel 9

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Simple Electronics Circuit with BC549 Transistor

In this video clip, I will certainly make the Simple Light Sensing Unit Circuit without LDR Utilizing BC549 NPN Transistor

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Here I have actually used 2 NPN Transistors for Amplification. BC549 Transistor that is attached with the 5MM Green Flat LED sensing unit utilized for sensing the Light. Right here comes the 2nd NPN Transistor.
So, In this way the 2nd Transistor Gets power as well as Turns on its linked tons. Right here the Load is the 5MM LED.

You can use any type of NPN Transistor for this project.

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Simple Light Sensor Circuit without LDR Using BC549 NPN Transistor


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00:00 Simple Light Sensor Circuit without LDR Using BC549 NPN Transistor.
00:31 Using 5MM White LED for Light Sensor circuit.
01:02 LED Connection with Transistor.
01:39 Resistor connection with LED for existing Limiting LED.
02:14 BC549 NPN Transistor link with Resistor.
03:01 470R Resistor link for the Amplification process.
03:23 5MM Flat Green LED Connection for Simple Light Sensor Circuit.
05:17 Using Copper cable for LED Connection.
08:08 Pretin LED Wires for better solder joint.
08:59 Wire connections for LED String.
10:52 THREE, 18650 Battery link for powering Simple Light Sensor Circuit without LDR.
11:13 Schematics/ PCB Making software application i.e. Altium I am utilizing today.
11:46 Testing Of Simple Light Sensor Circuit without LDR Using BC549 NPN Transistor.
12:44 Circuit Diagram of Simple Light Sensor Circuit without LDR Using BC549 NPN Transistor.

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Folks at home! This boat looks like an absolute spaceship! Big shout out and thank you to the guys down at Chart House Marine Electronics & Outfitters for customizing my electronics, and tricking out every facet of this boat! This was an important job and had to be done right as I embark back on the Tournament Trail and Chart House Marine Knocked it out of the park! Check out the walkthrough and if you are in need of marine electronics installation there is absolutely no better than Chart House!

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