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Samsung Electronics sets out to build 11 semiconductor plants in Texas over next 20 years

삼성, 20년간 250조원 들여 텍사스에 반도체공장 11곳 신설 추진

Samsung Electronics is poised… to expand… its manufacturing presence… in the U.S. state of Texas… over the next two decades… by building… 11 new chip plants.
According to documents… filed with Texas authorities… the South Korean tech giant has applied… for tax cuts… on a 167-point-6 billion dollar investment plan… for 9 new plants… in Taylor… and 24-point-5 billion dollars… for 2 new facilities in Austin.
Now… this is… in addition… to two factories… already in Austin… and… one…. that’s currently in operation… in Taylor.
Samsung reportedly plans… to create 10-thousand jobs… with its latest undertaking.

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2022-07-22, 14:00 (KST)

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Rioters in S. Africa loot and burn down LG Electronics TV Factory

남아공 폭동 확산에 군 배치 … LG공장 화재

Over in South Africa.
Troubles erupted after previous President Jacob Zuma was jailed, prompting authorities to send in the army.
Shops are robbed as well as buildings are melted.
Negatively affected are facilities belonging to South Korean tech company LG as well as Samsung.
Seoul’s Foreign Ministry swore to work carefully with the city government to safeguard Korean residents and also supply updates on any kind of further damages.
Shin Ye-eun has the latest.
Authorities fire rubber bullets at activists … escaping after robbery stores in Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city.

South Africa deployed soldiers on Monday to include the violent presentations.
Troubles began recently, … when fans of former President Jacob Zuma appeared to the streets to protest his jailing.
Approximately 30 people have actually been killed up until now, … according to state and provincial authorities.
As rioters burned down structures and looted stores, the owners saw their incomes lost.

” With all that’s taken place here, how are we now mosting likely to provide for our youngsters? I got here as well as located my shop in this state, and also all that I’m left with is this umbrella.”

Armed mobs also robbed a factory in Durban, … coming from the South Korean tech company, LG Electronics.
They appropriated TVs and computer displays, … as well as set the manufacturing facility on fire.
Damage was likewise reported at a Samsung logistics warehouse in KwaZulu-Natal Province.
Imported items saved in the storehouse, … were swiped.
No casualties have been reported in either location, … thus far.

The Korean Embassy in South Africa asked local police to go to the website and verify the range of the damage.
The Embassy stated the large number of activists appears to be making that hard.
South Korea’s Foreign Ministry will certainly continue to ask the South African federal government to shield Korean companies and the nation’s 3-thousand-3 hundred Korean citizens.
The Ministry will provide updates on any additional damage or casualties in the coming days.
Shin Ye-eun, Arirang News.

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