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Ukraine’s ‘Ineffective Electronics’ Is Costing Them The War

Clip from Lew Later (Ukraine’s Electronic Military Is NOT Going So Well…) –
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RIP Fry’s Electronics…

Clip from Lew Later (The Google Pixel Fold …) –

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RIP Fry’s Electronics…

Clip from Lew Later (The Google Pixel Fold…) –

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PrintNC – Electronics Unboxing & Discussion!

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Please forgive the slightly boring content, however I wanted to make a video going over the parts you get in the 110v kit from Ali Express.

I’ll be nose down building this weekend and hope to have another video out sometime next week!


8 Household Electronics That Are Hurting You, Part 1 – Dr. Debra Greene In part 1 of 2 in the series “8 Household Electronics that are HURTING You,” Dr. Greene shows the health hazards and free solutions for dealing with common household electronics such as light bulbs, cordless phones, microwave ovens, cell phones, and baby monitors. She offers eye opening and important information as well as simple solutions. Be sure to watch Part 2 for MORE demonstrations and FREE solutions for wireless computers, decreasing your body voltage, and how radiation travels through your walls.


Industrial 101: What is Power Electronics & Death Industrial?

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Industrial 101 Series is about discussing all of the sub-genres of Industrial music that branched out from the original Industrial artists of the 70’s. It is meant to introduce people to new genres of music, or perhaps discover bands they have not heard of before.

Today we are continuing my Industrial 101 series with Power Electronics and Death Industrial. Don’t forget to check out all of the other videos in this series!
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Hi everyone. My name is Amy. I’m a 36 year old Rivethead who lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA (relocated from Buffalo, New York). I have been a patron of the industrial & goth scene for about 15 years now. All of my videos are based on my experiences and are not representative of every single person and every single scene throughout the world. I am an event host, DJ and promoter. I have been hosting events for 11 years, and DJing for 9 years.

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