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Basic Electronic PARTS and SYMBOL

Ipapakita sa video na ito ang Common Basic PARTS and SYMBOL ng isang Electronic Circuit.

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Basic Electronics – (Electronics course 2019)

Basic Electronics – (Electronics course 2019)
An electronics course that was made to be super easy to understand.
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Basic Electronics is needed as a foundation of any further career prospects.This Basic Electronics course 2019 will give you a good understanding of what is required for further training in the technical field of electronics.
I should start out by telling you what isn’t in this excellent basic electronics pdf tutorial. There isn’t any complicated mathematics for a start and don’t worry because you don’t need it. What you do get are the essentials that you need and will use when you are messing with electrical and electronics.
This course is ideal if you would like to Learn Basic electronics , this electronics course and tutorial is ideal for the beginner who wants to learn how electronics works. This home study electronics course is designed to help understand electronics concepts in an easy going way, with out complicated maths. You can master electronics without leaving your home, our Electronics course and tutorial is broken down into easy steps or bite sized pieces that allow the electronics student easy access to Electronic problem solving methods and techniques. Electronics courses and be intimidating without the proper electronic tutorials that go hand in hand with the electronics home study course, that is why our Electronic home study course is so popular.

The sections on soldering and building circuits with solder are very simple. Soldering components together is demonstrated using tag strips. It’s a tried and tested technique but it reminds me more of the 70’s than it does of modern printed circuit boards. In contrast Greg shows you how to build the same circuits using modern solderless breadboards. The same solderless breadboards as used by hobbyists and professionals alike.

In nine short chapters Greg manages to give you all the information you are likely to need to understand the majority of projects that you might come across as a hobbyist.

Course Contents list

The text is split into nine chapters.
1.Electric Current And Voltage – Getting The Electrons Moving
5.Alternating Current

He also provides Bonuses

Electronic Terms
This is a pretty comprehensive glossary covering most of the basic terms that you are likely to come across. This is a useful resource.

Fun Electronic Projects

The product consists of two main publications in pdf format, some bonus publications and a collection of mp3 audio files summarizing he main points of the course. The two main publications contain the basic electronic pdf tutorial.
The first book teaches the fundamentals in nine easy to understand chapters The second book is entitled Building Simple Circuits. The principles of basic of electronics of the first book are reinfornced by providing some simple projects for you to construct. Included are

1. Electronics Terms pdf
2 Fun Electronics Projects pdf
3. Crystal Set pdf
4 Waves and Antennas pdf
5 Ohms Law secrets pdf
6 Soldering Part 1 pdf
7 Soldering Part 2 pdf
Electronics training course

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