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Interview with sE Electronics

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Mitch Gallagher is joined by Ling Zou (General Manager) and Thomas Stubics (Product Manager) from sE Electronics. Ling Zou explains how her father founded the company, coming from a background as a musician and composer.


sE Electronics sE2300 Large-diaphragm Condenser Mic Review

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The sE Electronics sE2300 is a multi-pattern version of sE’s popular sE2200 studio condenser. The sE2300 delivers the same stunning, up-front sound and full feature set that made the original such a huge hit, but adds multiple polar patterns for even more versatility. Park it in front of a vocalist, place it over a drum kit, or plant it in front of a guitar cabinet — the sE2300 excels on just about any application you can think of.


Studio Electronics Boomstar SE80 Analog Synthesizer Demo – Sweetwater Sound

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Marc St. Regis from Studio Electronics demonstrates the Boomstar SE80 analog synthesizer. Enjoy the demo, then click the link above for even more info on the Boomstar SE80!


Emerson Custom Guitar Electronics Review by Sweetwater

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Mitch Gallagher presents Emerson Custom electronics, a great way to upgrade the sound of your electric guitar. Check out some of the available mods in the video, then click the link below to browse Emerson Custom electronics upgrades at Sweetwater!

The Sweetwater Minute, Vol. 306


sE Electronics V7 and X1A Microphones Reviewed

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Mitch Gallagher presents two affordable microphones from sE Electronics, the V7 handheld dynamic mic and the X1 A condenser mic. The V7’s specialized aluminum voice coil offers natural-sounding reproduction of your voice, while simultaneously imbuing it with a crisp, open quality. Its supercardioid design yields excellent isolation from stage noise and delivers massive amounts of gain before feedback.

The X1 A’s upgraded capsule sounds great – accuracy, dynamics, well-balanced frequency response – they’re all there. Overhauled electronics manifest unbelievable sonic performance, especially at this price. A -20dB pad switch extends your dynamic range; although, given the X1 A’s excellent SPL handling, you may not need it very often. A 100Hz highpass filter eliminates rumble and other unwanted low-frequency sounds.

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sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle Review

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Mitch Gallaghe, Don Carr, and Nick D’Virgilio present the sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle. It’s designed to help you achieve isolated vocals in small home studios and untreated environments. The sE Electronics X1 S large-diaphragm condenser mic balances warmth and clarity, making it wonderful for vocals and instruments alike. The RF-X Reflexion Filter mounts your microphone inside a sound-dampening filter to keep extraneous noise from being picked up by the microphone. And a pop filter is included in the package to minimize annoying plosives. With this setup you’ll be equipped to record clear, focused vocals, even in rooms with imperfect acoustics.

Note: The X1 S replaces the X1, not the X1A.

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Martin D-18E Retro with Fishman Electronics Demo

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Greg Koch presents the Martin D-18E Retro! For their Retro series, Martin selected a handful of prime specimens from the Martin Museum and analyzed them, looking for ways they could be improved while retaining the essence of their vintage goodness. The result is a distinctly vintage-looking D-18 with a smooth-playing high-performance neck and superb Fishman Aura VT Enhance electronics system.