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I followed a YouTube Electronics Video and Regret it! (Debunking a 500k video)

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In this video we will actually be looking at another video on YouTube. There the creator claimed that you can build a BLDC Motor driver with only 9 components. The catch is that ESCs (which are normally used for driving BLDC motors) consist of way more components and are usually quite complicated. So let’s “test” the circuit and find out all the information the original creator kept quiet about. Let’s get started!

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0:00 The “Bad” Video I found
1:53 Intro
2:51 What Information was Missing?
3:37 Building the Circuit
4:11 4 Wire Motor Problem
5:17 First Test (Small Motor)
6:45 Second Test (Bigger Motor)
7:41 Why does the Circuit Suck?
9:21 Verdict

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I followed a YouTube Electronics Video and Regret it! (Debunking a 500k video)

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In this video we will actually be looking at one more video on YouTube. The catch is that ESCs (which are usually utilized for driving BLDC motors) consist of method much more elements as well as are normally quite complex.

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0:00 The “Bad” Video I located.
1:53 Intro.
2:51 What Information was Missing?
3:37 Building the Circuit.
4:11 4 Wire Motor Problem.
5:17 First Test (Small Motor).
6:45 Second Test (Bigger Motor).
7:41 Why does the Circuit Suck?
9:21 Verdict.

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All component full tutorial | सभी कॉम्पोनेन्ट के बारे में पूरी जानकारी | electronic components know

All component full tutorial | सभी कॉम्पोनेन्ट के बारे में पूरी जानकारी | electronic components knowledge | All component full tutorial

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Room Heater video–

ABOUT THIS VIDEO— friends इस वीडियो में मैंने सभी components के बारे में पूरी जानकारी दी है जिससे आप हर component को सही तरीके से पहचान सकते हो तो क्या इस video को like और share जरूर करना धन्यवाद


12V BATTERY कैसे बनाएं—

बिजली का बोर्ड बनाए घर पर—

दीवार घड़ी में LED लगाओ —

heater 🔥🔥 | how to make room heater | instent room heater | room heater कैसे बनाएं

🔥लकड़ी प्लास्टिक काटने की मशीन |how to make saw | homemade table saw or bench saw| wood saw

how to make bridge rectifier, 12 वोल्ट DC ब्रिज Rectifier कैसे बनाएं

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All component full tutorial | सभी कॉम्पोनेन्ट के बारे में पूरी जानकारी | electronic components know


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Electronic Pressure Switches – How They Work

Electronic pressure switches over clarified. Discover how electronic stress changes job, stress gauge, mechanical pressure switches, electronic devices, wheatstone brdge
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They supply a wide range of benefits in comparison to a mechanical stress switch.
Greater precision, flexibility from get in touch with wear, outstanding long-lasting stability, less complex procedure as well as a high number of changing cycles are some of the product benefits.

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Electronic Pressure Switches – How They Work

Electronic pressure switches explained. Learn how electronic pressure switches work, strain gauge, mechanical pressure switches, electronics, wheatstone brdge
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They offer a multitude of advantages in comparison to a mechanical pressure switch.
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Wireless Power Transmission Circuit – Electronic Project

The project is about making a wireless power transmission project circuit.
It is a great invention of modern science. You can use this circuit a college project circuit, that you can make at home easily.

📌 Circuit diagram/ schematic and component list included inside videos.

👉 Circuit Diagram at – 4:04


I’m very professional with my business. Some experiments and ideas can be dangerous. You should not take risks and damage yourself and the environment.

Warning :
This project is for education and demonstration purposes only. Some ideas present jeopardy and risk. For that, you should be understood before attempting.


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Electronic Basics #28: IGBT and when to use them

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In this episode of Electronic Basics I will certainly tell you just how you can utilize an IGBT rather of a MOSFET to switch your load on and also off and also when it really makes sense to utilize them as opposed to MOSFETs.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Consuming Time, Kevin MacLeod (

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Basic electronics Guide to components in Hindi Part-2

Watch Part 1 –

This is part-2 of Basic electronics Tutorial or a quick overview to the standard electronic devices parts in Hindi. In this video clip I have actually included brand-new electronics/electrical components.In this component I’ve covered some more electronic components. You will locate these components in a great deal of digital gadgets.

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You can click the time-code links to jump to a certain topic likewise available in comment section for smart phones.

Subjects covered:-.
1. Thermistor 0:39 – A temperature managed variable resistor. What is thermistor and why it’s used? And also some usual applications of thermistor.
2. LDR 02:41- Light reliant resistor. What it is and also some typical application of LDR.
3. Photodiode and phototransistor 04:10 – what it is? Usual applications of photodiodes and also phototransistors. Standard functioning fundamental of Optical Fibre.
Optocoupler 06:28 -The little component consists of LED as well as a phototransistor. Locate what is inside a optocoupler and also exactly how it functions?
4. Fuse 08:36 – what is fuse? Functioning concept of fuse. Fundamental use fuse.
5. Relay 10:29 – What is relay? Functioning principle of relay and basic demonstration of working. Use Relay.
6. IC (Integrated Circuit) 14:05 – Understanding what is suggesting an IC. Why ICs are utilized?
7. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) 16:11 – What is a PCB and also applications. Why PCBs are made use of. Standard functioning principle.

For any inquiries or concerns please compose listed below in the remark area ✍.

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Have a great day. Many thanks of enjoying.

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Electronics Components Online सबसे सस्ते और सबसे अच्छे | Buy Electronics Components Very Cheap Rate

दोस्तों इस video में मैं आपको बताऊंगा कि कैसे आप electronics parts, circuit, components जैसे कि 12v LED strip, digital volt meter, 12v DC motor, transistor, diode, Arduino, bluetooth component, nod MCU, esp32, 555 ic, cd4017, bc547, MOSFET, breadboard, bios programer, capacitor, LDR, PCB, water pump, 3.7 v 18650 battery, LED, power Financial institution component, BMS, audio amplifier board, photovoltaic panel, banana plug, 2n3055 transistor, Rocker Change, short-term button, togal switch, button, dpdt switch, bridge rectifier, transistors, rasiatance, condenser, relay module, DC to DC throw converter, tp4056 billing component, 8403 audio amplifier board, mini USB outlet, usb socket, ttp223 capacitive touch sensor, Banana outlet, lithium battery, lithium battery spacers, MP3 board, MP5 component, passive radiator, 9w led DOB, mov, flote sensing unit, rs555 electric motor, rs775 motor, saw blade collection, passive video clip baloon, small drill Chuck, dt830d digital multimeter, unity 830L digital multimeter, warm thaw adhesive stick, Robot wheel, Bo electric motor, vc288 volt amp Meter, DC Socket, home heating component, E800 glue, energetic buzzer, laser diode, power financial institution, crocodile clips, selfie stick, mobile stand, usb OTG, mic, card reader, usb center, tg113 motherboard, 12v adopter, cord connector, pvc tape, electronic clock, clock equipment, speaker, bike light, ic, transformer, MDF board, pandrive, inverter board, 9v battery, 2032 coin cell, LED, Halonix audio speaker light bulb, potentiometer, soldring iron, solder, electronic power supply, usb wire, rc cable television, av cable, HDMI cord, VGA cable television, remote, Samsung remote, LG remote, tg006 bluetooth audio speaker,

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