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Tata Group to invest Rs 7000 crore in building electronics manufacturing unit in Hosur

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Indian railways
Indian railways station redevelopment
Gwalior railway station redevelopment
Nagpur railway station redevelopment
Amritsar railway station redevelopment
Sabarmati railway station redevelopment
Indian railways station
Railway station
Metro trains manufacturing in India
Metro trains made in India
Made In India Metro Train sets
Manufacturing of Metro train sets in India
Metro Train mnufacturers in India

Bombardier transportation
BEML metro train
ICF Chennai Metro trains
Titagarh Firema metro trains
Modern Rain coach factory raeebareilly Metro trains

Today we will talk about the Metro train manufacturers in Indian that manufactures Metro Trains and Metro rakes in India.First Metro train was started on 24 October 1984 in Kolkata.

After the Metro train was started on 25 October 2002 in Delhi,Metro train network is still expanding at a fast pace.Other cetiees of India also started metro services and importing Metro train sets in India was costly and hence decision was taken to Make Metro Train sets in India.

Most of the metro rakes used in India are Made in India.

Bombardier started its metro train production in India in the year 2008 in Vadodara.Bombardier has manufactured 1232 coaches In India for Delhi Metro.Bombardier provides railway equipments to Indian Railways

Alstom started manufacturing of metro coaches in India in the year 2010 and so far Alstom has manufcatured more than 350 Metro coaches in India for Chennai,Cochi and Lucknow Metro. Almost 95% of metro train components are made in India by Alstom that includes tarction system. Alstom has also exported 132 Made In India metro coaches to Australia.

BEML has so far manufactured 370 metro coaches in India.BEML manufactures these metro coaches in Bangalore India. Moreover, BEML has got the order to manufacture 378 Metro coaches for Mumbai Metro. BEML was started in the year 2015 and manufactures metro coaches to below mentioned metro cities

Delhi Metro
Jaipur Metro
Bangalore Metro(Namma Metro)
Mumbai Metro

ICF Chennai (Integral coach Factory Chennai) has also started manufacturing metro rakes for Kolkata Metro. ICF has also manufactured Metro coaches for Kolakata metro before 2017 but because of some technical glitches, all the metro rakes were kept idle

Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli will start manufacturing Metro train sets as it has floated a tender of Rupees 150 Crore to buy Metro coach manufacturing technology to manufacture Aluminium metro coaches .

Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli has planned to rollout its first Made In India Aluminium metro coach in the year 2021.

Titagarh Firema has also got the order to manufacture 102 metro coaches for Pune Metro. Under this tender, Titagarh Firema will manufacture,Suppy and commision rolling stock for Punee metro . The total project cost is Rupees 1125 Crore.