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Venture Electronics BIE Pro Review – Single DD Bassy Boi

Here is my take on the VE BIE Pro and I have previously reviewed the original VE BIE ( Venture Electronics Bonus IE )

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This was sent to me by Zeed and thanks very much!

Original VE BIE review ( old ) –

Graphs –

0:00 Introduction and disclaimer
0:36 Information and different cable included
1:35 First look
2:17 BIE and BIE Pro visual comparison
3:02 Comfort
3:47 Sensitivity and power
4:08 Soundstage and imaging
4:39 Build quality
5:14 Micro details
5:42 Isolation
6:02 Graph intro
6:18 Bass
7:06 Mids
8:06 Treble
9:51 Conclusion


Auricular Venture Electronics BIE. El Hype es REAL.

¡Viviendo el Hype!. Bass Heads les llegó su hora. Audifono BIE

Venture Electronics BIE en Aliexpress